Stating September 1 Certificate of Origin – Eur.1 is issued by the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance



On 1st of September, technical part of the AA – DCFTA entered into force. Aforementioned agreement envisages elimination on customs duties on imports for goods manufactured in Georgia and imported into EU as well as for goods manufactured in EU and imported into Georgia. The only exemption from this rule is Garlic, with an annual duty free tariff-quota being 220 tonnes.
People wanting to benefit from concessions must consider that goods must comply with rules of origin criteria, specifically either they will be fully manufactured on the Georgian or EU territory, or meet the requirements of sufficiently worked-processed goods (for additional information please see Protocol I of the Agreement, as well as comply with the conditions set out in the Title III of the Protocol I to the Association Agreement (
Entrepreneurs can also benefit from a Cumulation of origin scheme, which enables to grant originating status to goods even if they were manufactured using materials originating from EU member states. To make use of above mechanism it is necessary that working-processing operations carried out on the territory of Georgia go beyond the operations referred to in the Agreement (see Article 6 of the Protocol I to the Association Agreement ). Goods will also receive originating status if the value added is greater than the value of the materials used. It should be noted that non-originating goods used in the manufacture of originating goods (for example if placed under the inward processing scheme) is not exempt from customs (import) duties.
Please take note: Concessions will also apply to goods that comply with rules of origin and which as of the 1st of September are either in transit, in the territory of the Parties to the free trade agreement, or are in temporary storage in customs warehouses, if within four months a proof of origin made out retrospectively is submission to the customs authorities.
Attention: As of September 1, when carrying out exportation to EU territory, movement certificate – EUR.1 is issued instead of the preferential origin certificate – Form A. Certificate is issued exclusively by Revenue Service on the basis of an application. Certificate is issued in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of Georgia N420 on Approval of Criteria, Form of Origin Certificate, and Rules of Filling In and Issuing of the Certificate and in line with the provisions of the Protocol I of the Association Agreement (
Note: Small packages with the total value – not exceeding EUR 500 and travelers’ personal luggage with the total value – not exceeding EUR 1200 does not require the submission of a proof of origin, provided that such product are not intended for trade purposes and requirements of the Article 26 of the Protocol I to the Association Agreement are satisfied (




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