Narcotic and Psychotropic drugs in CCP`s Sadakhlo and Batumi Airport


On June 14 in CCP`s “Sadakhlo” and “Batumi Airport” illegal import of drugs containing narcotic and psychotropic substances were detected by customs officers of Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. On the basis of suspicion the luggage and vehicle belonging to citizens of Armenia and Saudi Arabia were inspected. Inspection revealed drugs containing psychotropic substance Lyrica -300 mg – 9 capsules, Flutab - pseudoephedrine HCI -30 mg -2 capsules, Diazepam - RATIOPHARM– 5 mg – 7 capsules, and drugs containing narcotic Tramal - tramadol HCI-50 mg - 8 capsules, Vermo morphine Sulphate – 30 mg  – 2 capsules, Solphadeine codeine phosphate – 8 mg – 6 capsules, Prodein -  30/500 codeine phosphate – 30 mg – 10 capsules and Marihuana 1.5 g.


On June 18 in CCP “Batumi Airport” Customs Officers of Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on the base of suspicion inspected the luggage of the citizen of Mexico and inspection revealed drugs containing narcotic OXYCODONE HCL  30 capsules.

For farther reaction the case materials were delivered to the relevant units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


                                                                                        LEPL Georgia Revenue Service

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